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    The company held the 2018 Party Construction Work Conference and the party organization leader to ar
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    Date: 2019-03-20
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    On May 8th, the company held the 2018 Party Construction Work Conference and the party organization leader to arrest the party construction work. Member of the Party Committee of the Company, Deputy Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Company, Minister of the Work Department of the Party Committee; responsible person of the party organization of each unit (including the deputy secretary of the work); more than 40 people from the party and group work departments of the various units in the province attended the meeting.

    At the meeting, the heads of the five party organizations, including the five branches, the tenth company, the Shanghai branch, the construction engineering branch, and the technical school, were selected by the lottery. The heads of the party organizations of other units made written statements. The heads of party organizations of all units started from the actual situation of the unit, detailed the results of the party building work of the unit in 2017, carefully sorted out the problems existing, deeply analyzed the reasons for the problems, and carefully formulated effective and corrective measures to further Clarify the key difficulties of the next party building work. A total of 23 people in charge of the company's leaders and party organizations in various units conducted a satisfaction assessment on the on-the-spot personnel. The evaluation results were concentrated on “good” and “better”, and the overall evaluation of the party organizations in the five party organizations was higher. .

    Li Zongchao, deputy secretary of the party committee and secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the company, put forward several requirements for the company's next party building work. First, it is necessary to further implement the main responsibility of party building work, focus on perfecting the institutional mechanism, and promote the responsibility system for party building work. Second, we must earnestly implement the patrol and rectification implementation, conscientiously sort out the implementation of rectification, and strive to promote the comprehensive implementation of the party-governing party in the company's scope, and promote the party-governing party from loose to soft and strict. Third, we must adhere to the "four essentials", further strengthen the building of grassroots party organizations, rationally set up party departments and personnel allocation, complete the work of party organization change on time, and promptly add party members. It is necessary to focus on the production and operation center, test the achievements of party building with the results of enterprise development, do a good job in the creation of party members' pioneering projects in 2018, give play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and intensify guidance and process inspection. Fourth, it is necessary to implement the company's arrangements for the "big learning, big discussion, and large research" activities, and complete the activities according to the requirements of specific time and nodes, high quality and high standards, to ensure the effectiveness of the activities. Fifth, we must do a good job in clearing the special clean-up of business-run enterprises, grasping the guidance of public opinion, implementing the contents of clean-up, creating a clean and positive reform and development environment for enterprises, and promoting the fundamental improvement of the party-style political style.

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